TATA Motors Share Performance-should i buy tata motor shares in august 2021-MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

There has been lot of excitement surrounding TATA Motor Shares and why not the excitement was bound to happen as the company is an extremely respected company worldwide. Although the financial data for previous few years is not great but the company says the losses are due to the extremely high investment in the Electric Car Research and Development and we all know Electric Cars are the Future and most companies are investing heavily in that.

Now next comes the Big Question should you Invest in TATA Motors in August 2021. Well if you are just starting into the field of share market as I have just done start with some small amount in popular shares. This way you can learn without much financial risk.

There is no doubt that the company is going to do great in future as the Electric Cars gain momentum. Not only that even in the present scenario with so many New Models of its cars coming TATA Motors is a great company to invest in.

But before you actually take your final decision let me show you my current portfolio position.

Now let me share my Investment details in TATA Motors:

I started to buy shares in TATA Motors on 10th May at the price of Rs.310.50 and till date have been investing slowly and steadily. But as of today i.e 1st August 2021 the total loses I have incurred are Rs.4368. I have the PAYTM Money(App that I use for all my Stock Market Investments) Screenshot attached for the proper details.

Although I am in loss but I am very hopeful that my TATA Motors portfolio will again be in profit as it was a few days ago before the shortage of chips news came in and the shares plunged.

TATA Motors Shares Performance in My Portfolio

As the fields are not mentioned in the screenshot let me explain it in detail here. Total Shares I own are 167 at the Average Price of Rs.320.11 the Current Price of the share as on 1st August 2021 is Rs.293.95 and next field shows my total returns i.e a loss of Rs. 4368.

For more details into the TATA Motors share here is a line chart showing the performance of TATA Motors share in the past 3 Years.

The lowest value that TATA Motors shares had in the past year was Rs.101.30 and the highest it touched was Rs.360.75

The current value of the Share is Rs.293.95 now lets see how the share performs in the coming week I will keep on updating you about the Share Price as well as the performance of my portfolio. I have other shares too that I will discuss in the coming weeks. So stay tuned. Fingers crossed for the share markets tomorrow.

If You are new into Share Market Investments i would highly recommend PAYTM Money App for all your investment needs as it a trustworthy and easy to use Application for Share Market Investments with Minimum Paper Work.

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