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So IRFC is a share that everybody thought was a good share and one should surely Invest in. I being a newbie in the field of share market also saw a few videos on YouTube by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade and a few others and overall everyone was of the view that IRFC is going to be a multi-bagger (i.e a Good Share To Invest In).

Therefore by using my most preferred application for investing in share market i.e PaytmMoney I applied for the IRFC IPO at Rs.25. One of my other friend also applied for the IPO but was not allocated the shares. So initially I found myself to be lucky. So in all it was an investment of approx Rs.14K.

I was planning to cash the gains the same day the shares are listed in the share market called the Listing Day Gains. But to my surprise IRFC was in 4% loss on that day so I postponed my plans of selling the shares and till date i.e 3rd August 2021 I am waiting for the share losses to recover.

To give my heart a little bit respite I usually keep on watching few videos and reading stuff online that say IRFC was always a long Term Investment. Well the losses are not much but not even once IRFC share has posted any profit for me.

These are the details of my IRFC shares

In total now I have about 760 shares as I kept on buying more shares whenever I had 100 -200 Rs in my PaytmMoney Account as the share price is less. The average price of my investment in IRFC is Rs.25.56 /- The current price is Rs.23.55 /- as on 3rd August 2021 and in total I have loss of Rs.1528 as the share price has shown some movement today along with the TATA Motors share.

IRFC share has incurred 5% losses since its Inception

Although I am still invested in IRFC share and I think thats the best thing that can be done. IRFC being a Government backed Corporation is a safe bet and is bound to do good in the long run. So I am hoping for good returns in the future.

So only if you want to play it really safe than I think IRFC will be a good share to invest in 2021 that too for long term 5-6 years. But looking at the performance of IRFC share in the previous months I think there are other much better shares to put your money in.

Thanks and regards do write in comments your suggestions.

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