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Earn money online 2021

Earning money has always been tough. From centuries people have been looking for different, easier, innovative ways to earn money. Let’s begin this article by asking you a simple question. Do you know who invented Money? Any Idea? Well relax Nobody knows the answer. This is what Google has to say when asked about the same question.

“No one knows for sure who first invented such money, but historians believe metal objects were first used as money as early as 5,000 B.C. Around 700 B.C., the Lydians became the first Western culture to make coins.”

Well lets move to our real topic : Earning Money Online. I have been in this quest too, and I have actually been successful to some extent. I will be explaining some sure short and interesting ways in which money can be earned .

  1. YouTube

No doubt Youtube has turned out to be the most sought after medium to post video content online and its integration with Adsense has made it a very lucrative option for Video Content Creators.

A lots of online content creators no matter what they do are creating their channels on Youtube. And some of them are actually doing very well.

The earning on YouTube are basically dependent upon how popular your content is they more the number of views the more your chances to earn money.

But do not get carried away from what a lot of YouTubers are saying about their earning it definitely requires Hard Work, good Content and a lot of Patience to reach a level at which you can earn a decent amount of money from YouTube.

People who were earlier actually running some sort of Blogs are moving to YouTube and creating Vlogs.

If one does some sort of research you can easily find people posting content on the subjects like Health, Cooking, Life Style, Increasing Traffic and Earning Online etc. One can easily find lakhs of videos on all of these subjects.

Now the question is what can make you a successful YouTuber:

  1. First and Foremost – Patience Do Not expect overnight success in this field it requires a lot of Good Quality Content with Regularity. You must post at least 50 videos on the subject of your choice and check the Analytics to determine what’s working for you and what’s not.
  2. Choice of Content – In Demand Topic – You need to make sure the topic that you are posting content on is something people are interested in or are looking for it.
  3. Beating the Competition – Be ready to face some cut throat competition. You need to be very Unique and Creative to get some eyeballs attracted towards your content. there are actually a lot of techniques for increasing traffic on your content but do remember “Content is the King” there’s no substitute for good content.
  4. Regularity – Treat your Youtube Channel as a real job. Run it as professionally as you can post as regularly as you can without compromising on the quality. In rarest of the case if you can’t post do inform your Audience through Social Media Announcement.
  5. Do Not Copy Content – What so ever be the case create original content. You can get inspired by someone’s content but cannot copy paste the same content.

If one follows the above said suggestions chances are there you might end up being a successful YouTuber.

2. Blog / Website

YouTube has certainly impacted the Blogging but certainly Blogs / Websites are still in Business. If you are reading this content you actually are supporting my point. There was a time when everyone was after Blogging or Creating Website still there is a need for them but certainly after YouTube.

The above said fact is true if you have a content based website but if you are into e-commerce then certainly it cannot work without a Blog or a Website. The factors that can improve the traffic are same for almost all online content i.e Patience, Choice of Content, Staying Ahead of Competition, Regularity and Original and Creative Content.

Using Adsense is one of the ways in which you can monetize your Blog or a Website. The earnings are based on the amount of traffic that your Blog receives. It is always better to not only rely on the Adsense earnings of your website but start selling some product or service on that website to generate a regular stream of income.

3. Affiliate Marketing

e-commerce Websites such as Amazon have their Affiliate programs which can be joined by individuals and whenever there is a purchase done through a link on your Website / Blog / Social Media account then you are paid some specific percentage of cot price of the product as commission.

Affiliate marketing can also be an extra source of income if your Website/ blog/ Social media account receives a decent amount of traffic of people whom you can influence to buy any product. Affiliate Marketing works well for people who can influence others to buy some product or service.

4. Social Media Influencer

If you are somebody with a decent amount of followers on social media and have some influence on people interested in some specific field. For Eg:

Health and Fitness expert can influence his / her followers to buy a specific health product.

A Teacher can influence his / her students to buy a specific book or choose a particular online course

For every purchase done there is a specific percentage of amount paid as commission to the Influencer. e-commerce websites like amazon also run such programs where they check your followers on your Social Media and if you match their criteria you can get enrolled into their program.

These are some genuine ways in which one can start a small online business and start earning as early as there is some traffic coming to your online asset. Be informed that there are multiple other ways to generate income online but the one’s that I have discussed are some sure shot and legitimate ways to do the same.

Do post your suggestions in the form of comments which one of them has worked for you of if there is some other way that has worked for you So that we can have some fruitful discussion.

Stay Tuned for more stuff on for Online Income Generation.