If you run a website or a YouTube Channel this question must have crossed your mind that how can you Increase the traffic on your website and most probably YouTube channel also”.

Lets decode this puzzle with some very easy and achievable tips and techniques that I have learnt over a period of time. These techniques are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which involves certain practices and technical aspects that can help increase traffic on your online assets.

  1. First and Foremost – Quality Content

There is no other better way to increase traffic on your website or YouTube Channel than to post unique quality content. Bill Gates once said “Content is the King” that’s true today and will be for the rest of the times.

Your content has to be good it has to be unique. It doesn’t means you have to create something as complex as rocket science. It simply means be yourself, be original and if there is any sort of preparation required in terms of research or you need to practice something then please do.

2. Post RegularlyTreat it as a Job

Most of the successful YouTubers and website owners / bloggers are successful not particularly because of their content but due to the only fact that they take their work seriously and do not miss posting on their Blogs/ Channel(s) even for a single day. This single practise of posting frequently or regularly helps in maintaining and increasing their viewership.

So it is very important to treat your online presence as a real work of a job so that you remain active even on days you don’t feel like posting anything online. But surely in the rarest of rare cases if you cannot post do inform your audience through the social media platform you prefer.

3. Keyword Research – Choose Keywords that People Search

Whenever you write or post something researching a few keywords on tools such as Google Keyword Planner can actually help. For Eg: If you are writing something on poetry than you must research what specific keywords are people searching for so that you can incorporate those in your Article and make it more optimised.

Or even more simply just write the keyword “poetry” in google and than at the bottom of the page google give some suggestions. You can go for them also I normally do that as going to a keyword planner can be overwhelming for many.

Suggestions that Google gave for the keyword poetry

4. Title and Description Tags – Do Not Ignore Them

Title and Description tags of your website are normally ignored but should not be. Whatever is written in these tags is what Google Displays in its search results.

In these Google Results title has been displayed in Blue ink and Description in Black ink follows the title. Whatever technology you are using to make and maintain your website you must put text in the Title and Description tags of your website.

Even for YouTube Video choice of title, Its Description, Tags and Design of Thumbnail play a very Important Role in the Performance of the Video.

5. Name the Images Properly

Do not ignore images they can generate a lot of traffic. Do not leave your images titled as IMG001 or Scan Image1 give them a proper name. Most of the times we forget or are lethargic in naming the images properly. So name your image as per he person, activity that the image is portraying.

Images Properly named as per their content

20% increase in traffic can be easily achieved by naming the images properly as per the content of the article.

6. Size & Content of the Article

One must make sure that the Article or video you are going to post is informative and complete in all aspects. Do not post just for the sake of posting make sure that text in the article should be useful to the person who is looking for some information on that specific topic. People should remember our website or channel as something where they find the complete information about the topic they are looking for.

So take it as a challenge provide your readers with the knowledge they are looking for even if it requires an extra 1-2 hours of research. This practice will give rewards in the longer run.

7. Ask for Feedback

Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your viewers. What are their expectations and thought about the content you post or content in the total. ANd do discuss those points in the next post you can even name them and they would love it and it will make others to comment also.

Conduct regular polls, ask them to comment their views, conduct some giveaways anything that would be of interest to your readers or subscribers.

8. YouTube Views

Now if we specifically talk about YouTube it is said on YouTube Quantity is as important than Quality.

Consider at as your Personal TV Channel, think about stuff that can make people sit and watch your channel all day long and not getting bored.

YouTube is different it is working for all sorts of content creators whether they are Casual, Family, Unboxing, Life Style oriented Vlogs or the the very Formal, Technical, Tutorials type channels.

Persistence, Regularity, Quality, Quantity, Engaging these terms must be kept in mind when you are thinking to take YouTube as your Career.

Do post your comments and views about this article or if there is something I have missed upon. Do share your experience about running a website or a blog/vlog and how has been it so far and what techniques have worked for you and what hasn’t. We would love your feedback.

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