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Hello All Welcome Back To my Blog

So IRFC is a share that everybody thought was a good share and one should surely Invest in. I being a newbie in the field of share market also saw a few videos on YouTube by CA Rachana Phadke Ranade and a few others and overall everyone was of the view that IRFC is going to be a multi-bagger (i.e a Good Share To Invest In).

Therefore by using my most preferred application for investing in share market i.e PaytmMoney I applied for the IRFC IPO at Rs.25. One of my other friend also applied for the IPO but was not allocated the shares. So initially I found myself to be lucky. So in all it was an investment of approx Rs.14K.

I was planning to cash the gains the same day the shares are listed in the share market called the Listing Day Gains. But to my surprise IRFC was in 4% loss on that day so I postponed my plans of selling the shares and till date i.e 3rd August 2021 I am waiting for the share losses to recover.

To give my heart a little bit respite I usually keep on watching few videos and reading stuff online that say IRFC was always a long Term Investment. Well the losses are not much but not even once IRFC share has posted any profit for me.

These are the details of my IRFC shares

In total now I have about 760 shares as I kept on buying more shares whenever I had 100 -200 Rs in my PaytmMoney Account as the share price is less. The average price of my investment in IRFC is Rs.25.56 /- The current price is Rs.23.55 /- as on 3rd August 2021 and in total I have loss of Rs.1528 as the share price has shown some movement today along with the TATA Motors share.

IRFC share has incurred 5% losses since its Inception

Although I am still invested in IRFC share and I think thats the best thing that can be done. IRFC being a Government backed Corporation is a safe bet and is bound to do good in the long run. So I am hoping for good returns in the future.

So only if you want to play it really safe than I think IRFC will be a good share to invest in 2021 that too for long term 5-6 years. But looking at the performance of IRFC share in the previous months I think there are other much better shares to put your money in.

Thanks and regards do write in comments your suggestions.


TATA Motors Share Performance-should i buy tata motor shares in august 2021-MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

There has been lot of excitement surrounding TATA Motor Shares and why not the excitement was bound to happen as the company is an extremely respected company worldwide. Although the financial data for previous few years is not great but the company says the losses are due to the extremely high investment in the Electric Car Research and Development and we all know Electric Cars are the Future and most companies are investing heavily in that.

Now next comes the Big Question should you Invest in TATA Motors in August 2021. Well if you are just starting into the field of share market as I have just done start with some small amount in popular shares. This way you can learn without much financial risk.

There is no doubt that the company is going to do great in future as the Electric Cars gain momentum. Not only that even in the present scenario with so many New Models of its cars coming TATA Motors is a great company to invest in.

But before you actually take your final decision let me show you my current portfolio position.

Now let me share my Investment details in TATA Motors:

I started to buy shares in TATA Motors on 10th May at the price of Rs.310.50 and till date have been investing slowly and steadily. But as of today i.e 1st August 2021 the total loses I have incurred are Rs.4368. I have the PAYTM Money(App that I use for all my Stock Market Investments) Screenshot attached for the proper details.

Although I am in loss but I am very hopeful that my TATA Motors portfolio will again be in profit as it was a few days ago before the shortage of chips news came in and the shares plunged.

TATA Motors Shares Performance in My Portfolio

As the fields are not mentioned in the screenshot let me explain it in detail here. Total Shares I own are 167 at the Average Price of Rs.320.11 the Current Price of the share as on 1st August 2021 is Rs.293.95 and next field shows my total returns i.e a loss of Rs. 4368.

For more details into the TATA Motors share here is a line chart showing the performance of TATA Motors share in the past 3 Years.

The lowest value that TATA Motors shares had in the past year was Rs.101.30 and the highest it touched was Rs.360.75

The current value of the Share is Rs.293.95 now lets see how the share performs in the coming week I will keep on updating you about the Share Price as well as the performance of my portfolio. I have other shares too that I will discuss in the coming weeks. So stay tuned. Fingers crossed for the share markets tomorrow.

If You are new into Share Market Investments i would highly recommend PAYTM Money App for all your investment needs as it a trustworthy and easy to use Application for Share Market Investments with Minimum Paper Work.


If you run a website or a YouTube Channel this question must have crossed your mind that how can you Increase the traffic on your website and most probably YouTube channel also”.

Lets decode this puzzle with some very easy and achievable tips and techniques that I have learnt over a period of time. These techniques are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which involves certain practices and technical aspects that can help increase traffic on your online assets.

  1. First and Foremost – Quality Content

There is no other better way to increase traffic on your website or YouTube Channel than to post unique quality content. Bill Gates once said “Content is the King” that’s true today and will be for the rest of the times.

Your content has to be good it has to be unique. It doesn’t means you have to create something as complex as rocket science. It simply means be yourself, be original and if there is any sort of preparation required in terms of research or you need to practice something then please do.

2. Post RegularlyTreat it as a Job

Most of the successful YouTubers and website owners / bloggers are successful not particularly because of their content but due to the only fact that they take their work seriously and do not miss posting on their Blogs/ Channel(s) even for a single day. This single practise of posting frequently or regularly helps in maintaining and increasing their viewership.

So it is very important to treat your online presence as a real work of a job so that you remain active even on days you don’t feel like posting anything online. But surely in the rarest of rare cases if you cannot post do inform your audience through the social media platform you prefer.

3. Keyword Research – Choose Keywords that People Search

Whenever you write or post something researching a few keywords on tools such as Google Keyword Planner can actually help. For Eg: If you are writing something on poetry than you must research what specific keywords are people searching for so that you can incorporate those in your Article and make it more optimised.

Or even more simply just write the keyword “poetry” in google and than at the bottom of the page google give some suggestions. You can go for them also I normally do that as going to a keyword planner can be overwhelming for many.

Suggestions that Google gave for the keyword poetry

4. Title and Description Tags – Do Not Ignore Them

Title and Description tags of your website are normally ignored but should not be. Whatever is written in these tags is what Google Displays in its search results.

In these Google Results title has been displayed in Blue ink and Description in Black ink follows the title. Whatever technology you are using to make and maintain your website you must put text in the Title and Description tags of your website.

Even for YouTube Video choice of title, Its Description, Tags and Design of Thumbnail play a very Important Role in the Performance of the Video.

5. Name the Images Properly

Do not ignore images they can generate a lot of traffic. Do not leave your images titled as IMG001 or Scan Image1 give them a proper name. Most of the times we forget or are lethargic in naming the images properly. So name your image as per he person, activity that the image is portraying.

Images Properly named as per their content

20% increase in traffic can be easily achieved by naming the images properly as per the content of the article.

6. Size & Content of the Article

One must make sure that the Article or video you are going to post is informative and complete in all aspects. Do not post just for the sake of posting make sure that text in the article should be useful to the person who is looking for some information on that specific topic. People should remember our website or channel as something where they find the complete information about the topic they are looking for.

So take it as a challenge provide your readers with the knowledge they are looking for even if it requires an extra 1-2 hours of research. This practice will give rewards in the longer run.

7. Ask for Feedback

Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your viewers. What are their expectations and thought about the content you post or content in the total. ANd do discuss those points in the next post you can even name them and they would love it and it will make others to comment also.

Conduct regular polls, ask them to comment their views, conduct some giveaways anything that would be of interest to your readers or subscribers.

8. YouTube Views

Now if we specifically talk about YouTube it is said on YouTube Quantity is as important than Quality.

Consider at as your Personal TV Channel, think about stuff that can make people sit and watch your channel all day long and not getting bored.

YouTube is different it is working for all sorts of content creators whether they are Casual, Family, Unboxing, Life Style oriented Vlogs or the the very Formal, Technical, Tutorials type channels.

Persistence, Regularity, Quality, Quantity, Engaging these terms must be kept in mind when you are thinking to take YouTube as your Career.

Do post your comments and views about this article or if there is something I have missed upon. Do share your experience about running a website or a blog/vlog and how has been it so far and what techniques have worked for you and what hasn’t. We would love your feedback.

Earn money online 2021

Earning money has always been tough. From centuries people have been looking for different, easier, innovative ways to earn money. Let’s begin this article by asking you a simple question. Do you know who invented Money? Any Idea? Well relax Nobody knows the answer. This is what Google has to say when asked about the same question.

“No one knows for sure who first invented such money, but historians believe metal objects were first used as money as early as 5,000 B.C. Around 700 B.C., the Lydians became the first Western culture to make coins.”

Well lets move to our real topic : Earning Money Online. I have been in this quest too, and I have actually been successful to some extent. I will be explaining some sure short and interesting ways in which money can be earned .

  1. YouTube

No doubt Youtube has turned out to be the most sought after medium to post video content online and its integration with Adsense has made it a very lucrative option for Video Content Creators.

A lots of online content creators no matter what they do are creating their channels on Youtube. And some of them are actually doing very well.

The earning on YouTube are basically dependent upon how popular your content is they more the number of views the more your chances to earn money.

But do not get carried away from what a lot of YouTubers are saying about their earning it definitely requires Hard Work, good Content and a lot of Patience to reach a level at which you can earn a decent amount of money from YouTube.

People who were earlier actually running some sort of Blogs are moving to YouTube and creating Vlogs.

If one does some sort of research you can easily find people posting content on the subjects like Health, Cooking, Life Style, Increasing Traffic and Earning Online etc. One can easily find lakhs of videos on all of these subjects.

Now the question is what can make you a successful YouTuber:

  1. First and Foremost – Patience Do Not expect overnight success in this field it requires a lot of Good Quality Content with Regularity. You must post at least 50 videos on the subject of your choice and check the Analytics to determine what’s working for you and what’s not.
  2. Choice of Content – In Demand Topic – You need to make sure the topic that you are posting content on is something people are interested in or are looking for it.
  3. Beating the Competition – Be ready to face some cut throat competition. You need to be very Unique and Creative to get some eyeballs attracted towards your content. there are actually a lot of techniques for increasing traffic on your content but do remember “Content is the King” there’s no substitute for good content.
  4. Regularity – Treat your Youtube Channel as a real job. Run it as professionally as you can post as regularly as you can without compromising on the quality. In rarest of the case if you can’t post do inform your Audience through Social Media Announcement.
  5. Do Not Copy Content – What so ever be the case create original content. You can get inspired by someone’s content but cannot copy paste the same content.

If one follows the above said suggestions chances are there you might end up being a successful YouTuber.

2. Blog / Website

YouTube has certainly impacted the Blogging but certainly Blogs / Websites are still in Business. If you are reading this content you actually are supporting my point. There was a time when everyone was after Blogging or Creating Website still there is a need for them but certainly after YouTube.

The above said fact is true if you have a content based website but if you are into e-commerce then certainly it cannot work without a Blog or a Website. The factors that can improve the traffic are same for almost all online content i.e Patience, Choice of Content, Staying Ahead of Competition, Regularity and Original and Creative Content.

Using Adsense is one of the ways in which you can monetize your Blog or a Website. The earnings are based on the amount of traffic that your Blog receives. It is always better to not only rely on the Adsense earnings of your website but start selling some product or service on that website to generate a regular stream of income.

3. Affiliate Marketing

e-commerce Websites such as Amazon have their Affiliate programs which can be joined by individuals and whenever there is a purchase done through a link on your Website / Blog / Social Media account then you are paid some specific percentage of cot price of the product as commission.

Affiliate marketing can also be an extra source of income if your Website/ blog/ Social media account receives a decent amount of traffic of people whom you can influence to buy any product. Affiliate Marketing works well for people who can influence others to buy some product or service.

4. Social Media Influencer

If you are somebody with a decent amount of followers on social media and have some influence on people interested in some specific field. For Eg:

Health and Fitness expert can influence his / her followers to buy a specific health product.

A Teacher can influence his / her students to buy a specific book or choose a particular online course

For every purchase done there is a specific percentage of amount paid as commission to the Influencer. e-commerce websites like amazon also run such programs where they check your followers on your Social Media and if you match their criteria you can get enrolled into their program.

These are some genuine ways in which one can start a small online business and start earning as early as there is some traffic coming to your online asset. Be informed that there are multiple other ways to generate income online but the one’s that I have discussed are some sure shot and legitimate ways to do the same.

Do post your suggestions in the form of comments which one of them has worked for you of if there is some other way that has worked for you So that we can have some fruitful discussion.

Stay Tuned for more stuff on for Online Income Generation.